Kali ARM Image Overview

Device Name Build-Script Official Image Community Image EOL/Retired Image
Raspberry Pi 2, 3, 4 and 400 (32-bit) raspberry-pi.sh x
Raspberry Pi 2 (v1.2), 3, 4 and 400 (64-bit) raspberry-pi-64-bit.sh x
Raspberry Pi 5 (64-bit) raspberry-pi5.sh x
Raspberry Pi 1 (Original) x
Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W raspberry-pi-zero-2-w.sh x
Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W (PiTail) x
Raspberry Pi Zero W raspberry-pi-zero-w.sh x
Raspberry Pi Zero W (PiTail) raspberry-pi-zero-w-pitail.sh x
Raspberry Pi Zero W (P4wnP1 A.L.O.A) raspberry-pi-zero-w-p4wnp1-aloa.sh x
Pinebook pinebook.sh x
Pinebook Pro pinebook-pro.sh x
Banana Pi banana-pi.sh x
Banana Pro banana-pro.sh x
Beaglebone Black beaglebone-black.sh x
Samsung Chromebook 2 13” chromebook-exynos.sh x
Samsung Chromebook 2 11” chromebook-exynos.sh x
Samsung Chromebook chromebook-exynos.sh x
HP Chromebook 11 G1 chromebook-exynos.sh x
Acer Chromebook 13 (CB5-311) chromebook-nyan.sh x
ASUS Chromebook Flip C100PA chromebook-veyron.sh x
CompuLab Trimslice trimslice.sh x
CompuLab Utilite Pro utilite-pro.sh x
Cubieboard2 cubieboard2.sh x
Cubietruck cubietruck.sh x
SolidRun CuBox cubox.sh x
SolidRun CuBox i4Pro cubox-i4pro.sh x
Gateworks Newport gateworks-newport.sh x
Gateworks Ventana gateworks-ventana.sh x
Genesi EfikaMX Smarttop efikamx.sh x
Genesi EfikaMX Smartbook efikamx.sh x
NanoPC T3 nanopc-t.sh x
NanoPC T3+ nanopc-t.sh x
NanoPC T4 nanopc-t.sh x
NanoPi NEO Plus2 nanopi-neo-plus2.sh x
NanoPi2 nanopi2.sh x
ODROID-C0 odroid-c.sh x
ODROID-C1 odroid-c.sh x
ODROID-C1+ odroid-c.sh x
ODROID-C2 odroid-c2.sh x
ODROID-U2 odroid-u.sh x
ODROID-U3 odroid-u.sh x
ODROID-XU3 odroid-xu3.sh x
ODROID-XU4 odroid-xu3.sh x
ODROID-W odroid-w.sh x
ODROID-W (Dev Kit) odroid-w-devkit.sh x
i.MX 6ULL EVK imx-6ull-evk.sh x
RIoTBoard riotboard.sh x
Radxa Zero (emmc) radxa-zero-emmc.sh x
Radxa Zero (sdcard) radxa-zero-sdcard.sh x
USBArmory MKI usb-armory-mki.sh x
USBArmory MKII usb-armory-mkii.sh x

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